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Garden Scion Entry by White-Tean Garden Scion Entry by White-Tean
Sorry, will add comments later today after work.

Yes I know my eyepop goldfish are probably disturbing and scaring you but I think they're cute and cheerful and happy little friends and for some reason remind me of Studio Ghibli and Totoro from My neighbour totoro...

*EDIT* thirteen hours later and I'm back for real comments.
Oooo it's dA's birthday; Happy Birthday dA!

Originally this design was based off the idea of a Japanese/Zen garden or whatever... it was originally going to focus more on red and flowers and brighter more intense colours... but at the moment I find myself unable to handle the stress and hectic-ness of that type of design.

Basically, I'm back at uni again and working and have had a lot going on so what I was mainly interested in creating started steering more in the direction of being lighthearted; fun and-easy going and forming an overall reasuring to look at design: something that makes me happy and helps me wind down when I look at it but also lights a little sparck all up inside me.

The key character in this design is obviously my hairy-nosed-wombat-puffy-nosed-dragon Chuffley (Chuffles). In his little garden scenes Chuffley is the only dragon there, even if there's goldfish or koi or water or flowers around he's still just the only one of exactly what he is there.

He's still very happy living that way though; he sits there all puffed up with his fuzzy wuzzy noze in his rumpled chest, being happily well within his own little world of the garden.

Basically a lot of the stuff I've been upset by recently has to do with the fact that as a univeristy student I'm away from old close friends a lot more than I used to and a lot of the people I know at uni don't really know that much about me even (and the same way backwards) even when we still often have conversations [in australia where I live people don't go away to live at universities so there's no roomates to meet or hang out with, so people don't know eachother so well].

A lot of what I've been trying to do lately involves becoming more is trying to develop to be a bit more self sustained so I can sort of carry happiness around with me no matter what happens and be just purely happy even when I'm not surrounded by my friends. :)

And of course, now I want to go back to working on the type of things that just make me happy in an entirely visceral and uncomplex way and Mr Puff Dragon here just makes me smile whenever I see him becuase it's like watching a little island of self sustained happiness And being reminded that you can be happy for no real reason. [plus he's uber cute, it's taken me a long while to develop my own cute thing].

So that's basically what I'm doing as an artist right now. ... and now for an explanation of someother minor things and namely; the goldfish.

The goldfish... where do I begin? originally they were koi in until the very more recent of the 20+ pages of render designs and all the slight and strange & unusual variations of the design. Basically though... koi were serious... koi were hoonourable fishes, and respectable prized creatures of wisdom and beauty (as far as fish go at least) and it really just wound up being fairly apparent that they were not in keeping with the flow and mood of the design I was aiming for.

I liked the water idea so much becuase it is calming and flowing and relaxing though so of course the logical choice was pop eyed/periscope eyed golfish... I don't know what the normal pop eyes are called, but the kind with the pokey outey eyes that face upwards (UPWARDS! very difficult for swimming!) are periscope ones...

Bascially these goldfish are ridiculour, cute and totally in keeping with the little pieces of popcorn happiness idea I had for this desing and really now it seems that they're reallly the only logical choice of compansionship for Chuffley becuase he wouldn't laugh art them or anything, he'd be more thier devoted little keeper and guardian and would probably even bring them chicken flakes and feed it to them as food (becuase logically, I can see him having flaked chicken as a growing dragon - he needs to get his pluffy fluffiness from somewhere after all; carrots make your hair more orange, chickens make. your fur puff up; but only if you eat the feathers too! :) )

I know white is the colour most representing of death in china and probably also in some other parts of asia too butI used more an off white/cream (specifically recalling to me of latte froth) and I was using it more in mind with that in indian culture white is the colour representing of water, rather that say, blue, and it's a nice easy open background colour to look across and for my design to unfold across and helps it look more open, breezing and less stressful.

The text: I apologize to every Japanese person and the entire nation of Nihongakure... or Nihon... or whatever the real name of japan is... I'm sorry, I butchered kanji, please forgive me. I can't myself read anyjapanese and I was only replicating characters with the custom brush I designed for this which makes things look a bit cutely unrefined and so the greater intricacies of the characters were probably somehwat sacrificied; again, I apologize. But they're really not there to be read necessarily, more there to in part represent a idea and carry on the kind of asian theme which I've been going through another cycle of increased interest in againa nd tying it more thoroughly yo that.

They are supposed to read (from left to right) "Love Garden" or from right to left "Garden Love" which I think is very nice and the words were a good formative thought to have in my head when I was doing this about what type of feeling I wanted this to make and they are there once again to represent that feeling (and to more perfectly try to balance the image with the not-quite-true red there).

OKAY; need to wrap this up!

*I like the messy, cute style of this, reminds me of totoro from my neighbour totoro and other designs by the Ghibli studio, he's not superslick, he's just there as he is. I think it's endearing and sometimes I think images like this give a warmer more loveable feelign which is what I was aiming for so no I did not really desire to "polish it off" much more than this level really.
*Rendering is not my huge skill, I'm fairly new to it, please don't judge me too harshly on that, I was more interested in conveying my message anyway an I enjoyed paiting in this messy spray-paint style which I think would be the best way to render a design like this in real life.
*... I think it's in the wrists, girls have skinny -ass wrists... sooo... that is why I cannot render super-slick even if I wanted too, and anyway, I'm a messy ball of colour, it would be against my nature to deny that and I'd only do mediocre if I triend to be anyone else but who I am.
*image was provided by Scion contest... was originally a dark smokey dark grey car..
* * and yes, keeping with the asain colour scheme almost as the most valuable element of the garden Chuffley is rendered ina goldenish colour rather than his more typical more red-ish colour; but this also suits the colour scheme better anyway and seemed entirely natural and it work with every other colour choice I had made... I don't really pause to consider analyzing my colour choices, I barely even notice I'm choosing colours most of the time; coplours my biggest area beucase of all elements of design colour i think is the only one that can really be used as a ctand alone and influence emotions... like how being in a blue room makes you calmer and apparently light green envokes feelings of homesickness and makes you think about things like that and about the past and be more introspective I think...? * * <--- THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT OF THE MEANINGLESS DOT-POINT WRAP UPS....

... I like explaining myself? what's the point in putting all that thought and effort into it if people don't ever realise that?

lalala... I'll go now, rly; this is me laeaving now... out this door... ;) ... sorry about any typos, this is dad's ciomputer since the regular one I use has overheated and shut down twice today... so this keyboard's keys are farther apart when I used to; plus they're black 'cos it's a dell and that makes a difference.
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NimbleBun Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2007
i like this design alot better than that piece of crap that was voted number 1.
BlumenStrasse Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2007
lol, wow, thats soooo cute. I'd drive that. :nod:
White-Tean Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2007
well thanks so much; comment like that make my high ^_^ ... beucase of course, happiness highs aren't limited to a day... ^_^
BlumenStrasse Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2007
lol, but wouldn't a car like that be just awesome?

everyone would see you! and the fishies... lol.

If you ever have a car like that, I will buy it off you. :D
White-Tean Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2007
me... have money for a car...? oh ha ha ha, you jest so!

but it would be sweet to have a car with a custom paint job yeah...
and I could drive places in it...

but not in the water :bounce: because cars don't like that... though the fishies might perhaps.
thanks for commenting
BlumenStrasse Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2007

celipa Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2007
I'd say this is my personal favorite design of the submitted Scions. It's very very cute and I would totally drive it around.
White-Tean Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2007
thank you so much! I have to say, I did find it a bit confusing with some of the more out there renders trying to figure out how they'd work when painted on... I'm very glad you liked mine though and took the time to look at it, and thankyou so much for your lovely comment ^_^
MintyFreshJutsu Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007
wow thats awesome :heart:
White-Tean Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2007
thabk you very much ^_^ I'm so glad that someone liked my design enough to comment ^_6 and I do apologise greatly for taking to long to reply, I've been in a bit of a hectic whirlwind lately! have a nice day though and thanks again!
MintyFreshJutsu Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2007
oh no prob :D
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